Shell - sealess carbon steel pipe, SA53B

Tubes - 3/4" O.D. X No. 18 BWG, SA-249, 304 or 316 stainless steel

Cross flow baffles - Heavy gauge carbon steel, machined for close fit, providing efficient heat transfer through tube bundle.

Coolant connections - 150# ASNI carbon steel slip-on flanges, SA-105 Tube Sheets - Type 304 or 316 stainless steel plate, SA-240. Machine faced, tube holes are accurately drilled, reamed, and souble serrated per TEMA tolerances.

Vapor Inlet and Outlet bonnets - Type 304 or 316 stainless steel with stainless steel faces carbon steel flanges.

Vapor and Condensate Connections - 150# ANSI stainless steel slip-on flanges, SA-182 or stainless steel faced 150 # ANSI carbon steel slip-on flanges SA-105.

Bolting - Alloy steel SA-193 B7 with SA-194 cl 2H nuts.

Gaskets - Compressed non-asbeston type.

Units are designed, constructed, and stamped in accordance with the latest edition of th ASME Unfired Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Div. 1

These units are available in other materials. Prices upon appplication.

Rubicon resierves the right to change specifications and dimensions without notice.

Design Pres. 75 PSIGDesign Pres. 75 PSIG
Test Pres.    75 PSIGTest Pres.    75 PSIG
Design Temp   300°FDesign Temp   300°F
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